Summer Ecology Program

Unfortunately this program will not be offered in 2021. Please contact us at if you are a high school student interested in other scientific exploration opportunities with Christodora.

Field Research at Great Mountain Forest

Design, conduct, and present your own scientific research study in the Great Mountain Forest.

2013_SEP_GMF_Group with CertificatesChristodora’s Summer Ecology Program (SEP) provides an opportunity for specially selected urban high school students to explore forest ecosystems and conduct original field research. Students who experience SEP cultivate a respect for the natural world and a love for the scientific process.

SEP is based at the Yale School of Forestry within the Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, CT, with support from the Great Mountain Forest staff as well as generous financial and program participation from alumni of the Alice Rich Northrop Memorial Camp in Mt. Washington, MA.

Students leave each 2-week session with:

“I joined Christodora programs interested in studying science, and left knowing that one day I can be one of the people who leads conferences on water conservation or biodiversity.”student
  • confidence exploring forest ecosystems and conducting original field research
  • observations, hypotheses, scientific techniques, and experiment-based discoveries
  • connections between familiar concepts learned in school and new concepts experienced in the natural world
  • a unique experience that is “a blend of science, fun, and friendship”