FAQ: Summer at Manice

  • How much do I have to pay?
    We will work with you to make sure the tuition is affordable for you. There are many factors to take into
    consideration when deciding to send your child away for the summer, and we want to make sure the money is not one of them.

    Once your child is accepted, completed the orientation process, and submitted all forms, they are officially registered for camp!  

    If your camper is unable to attend summer camp for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. The registration fee is non-refundable.  Summer program tuition fees are 50% refundable before May 1st and non-refundable on and after May 1st.

  • Who will be taking care of my child up at Manice?
    We have excellent, responsible and well trained staff supervising your student 24 hours a day. We perform
    background checks on all of our staff to make sure your children are in safe hands. Separate from safety, our staff are
    a fun-loving group who will gently encourage your student to challenge themselves and grow. Your student will be
    in a group of 10 other students and supervised by 2 instructors both at Manice and while on their wilderness trips.
  • How can I stay in contact with my child up at Manice?
    There are several ways you can stay in contact with your child. We encourage you to write letters (Please do not
    send food or items of value) and mail them to the following address:
    Christodora-Manice Education Center
    68 Savoy Road, Florida, MA 01247

    If you would like to send an email that will be shared with your child up at Manice, please do so to:

    Also, please call our main office for updates on your student’s progress up at Manice at: (212)-371-5225. We’d be
    happy to answer your questions at any time.

    Because students will be so busy, there is very little time to make phone calls. We reserve our phone lines up at
    Manice for emergencies only – so no news is good news.

  • What if my child is home sick?
    Some children experience feelings of missing home when they are away for the first time. It is important to
    recognize that this is normal. Our staff will work with your child to get them involved in the program and connected
    with friends and eventually these feelings will pass.
  • Are there wild animals up at Manice?
    Yes there are, and maybe your child will be lucky enough to see some (squirrels, deer, frogs, or even a bear!)
    Something important to remember is that the scariest animal in the woods is YOU! Animals don’t like being close to
    humans because we frighten them, so our staff will teach important observation skills that will help students see
    some of our exciting animal life.
  • Can students take any food (candy, gum, soda, etc.) up at Manice?
    Insects and other small animals like that stuff too and might come inside students’ tents looking for it! We ask
    that if students bring any food or drink on the bus, that it is either finished before arriving at Manice, or that it’s
    thrown away upon arrival.
  • Should my child bring sheets or a sleeping bag?
    If you already have a sleeping bag, please send it. If you don’t, please send your child with sheets and we will
    provide a Manice sleeping bag. We will also have plenty of blankets and a pillow awaiting your child on their bed.
    (P.S. Don’t forget your pillowcase, second pair of shoes and a rain jacket!)
  • Should I buy items on the Packing List if we don’t have them?
    Please only bring what your student already has on the list. We will supplement anything that you do not have.
    Please remember that all clothes (even the ones worn on the bus) should be suitable for outdoor activities and may
    get dirty.