Manice Education Center

Wilderness, Leadership, Community…and Camping!


Mission & Goals
We believe summer camp should be affordable for all children. Each camper fee is set taking into account family income, and scholarships are available based on eligibility. No child is ever turned away from a Manice adventure due to financial hardship.Christodora

Since its opening in 1981, Christodora’s Manice Education Center (MEC) has provided over 25,000 students with outdoor, leadership and environmental experiences. For most students, MEC offers a first opportunity to be immersed in the wilderness — the first mountain to climb, first river to paddle, first view of the constellations of stars.

The primary goals of MEC:
  • Introduce students to the world of nature, stimulating their enthusiasm for learning in an outdoors setting.
  • Nurture sensitivity to and understanding of the human place within natural ecosystems.
  • Foster students’ increased self-esteem and the development of their capacity for leadership, self-reliance and group cooperation.
  • Instill in students an appreciation for the natural world and the value of conservation in everyday life.
  • Help promote active participation and leadership in environmental stewardship and scientific inquiry.
  • Give students a chance to relax, unwind and HAVE FUN.


Manice is nestled on 100 acres at nearly 2,000 feet of elevation in Northwest Massachusetts’ Berkshire Mountains, and is surrounded by 25,000 -14,000 acres of protected state lands that contain an 80 ft. waterfall, a bog, many ponds and beautiful mountain peaks.


MEC’s CORE Program

MEC’s CORE Program is designed to foster continual development through a sequence of programs. Our approach to education is experiential, using interactive and inquiry based learning. Each student leaves camp with self -confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and valuable skills and knowledge they can apply to everyday life in NYC and beyond.

Our hands-on environmental and adventure programs challenge students academically and physically in a safe, supportive environment. Each session is tailored to meet the needs and abilities of 40 students based on age, grade level and prior experience. Students enjoy a staff to student ratio that averages 1:5, with co-ed groups of 10.

Summer Sessions School Fieldtrips


Students come to MEC to:
  • gain a community of lifelong friends
  • be active and have adventures in the great outdoors
  • feel free from city life
  • meet energetic and caring staff
  • conquer new challenges

  • Manice opened me up to different kids of communication, how to be a member of the group as well as a leader. You’re only as fast as your slowest hiker!


  • Being able to go outside and explore was the beginning of me as a person being able to do the same in life. My idea of how humans interact on this planet comes from how I developed at Manice.

    The camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health. 


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Organic Garden

MEC has a large organic garden that supplies the Center with vegetables in July and August. Everyone helps to plant, cultivate and harvest, and the garden is a central focus for teaching the natural interrelationships between people and the earth.  Our campers also enjoy learning about our free range Manice chickens and studying animal behaviors and habitats.

2013_Gardening Photo

Manice Education Center compiles with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations for recreational camp programs and is licensed by its local board of health.