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Alumni Spotlight: Laura J. Blake

Laura J. Blake 
“As a scientist, I am always interested in cause and effect. And while we never know with certainty how our past experiences impact affect our present self, there really is no question in my mind that my success in my career and my success in life in general are directly attributed to the time I spent at Manice.”Laura J. Blake
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    Laura’s journey with Christodora began at the age of 12, when she first attended the Manice Education Center in the summer of 1989. From then through college, Laura spent each of her summers at Manice. She attended Manice as a student for four summers. She then joined Manice as a staff member and spent five summers working as a Wilderness Trip Assistant, Outdoor Educator, and Wilderness Program Coordinator.

    To this day, Laura attributes much of her success in life to her time spent at Manice, as a student and as an educator and leader. Manice inspired her passion and appreciation for the natural environment. Laura often reflects on the critical role that Manice staff played in her development and growth into the strong and confident leader that she is today.

    Laura attended Alfred University, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Geology. She immediately went on to graduate school at Duke University’s School of the Environment, and earned a Masters of Environmental Management in Water Resources. Following graduate school, Laura works for The Cadmus Group, Inc., in Boston, MA, an employee-owned consultancy focused on providing services that improve people’s lives, protect the natural environment, and create social and economic value today and for future generations.

    Laura is presently the Director of Cadmus’ Watershed Science and Management Practice, as well as a Principal Scientist. In this capacity, she leads a team of scientists in providing support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state water quality agencies across the country in protecting and restoring the nation’s watersheds and water bodies.

    Laura J. Blake was also offered the Community Service Award at our 2014 Christodora Campfire Benefit Gala.  She delivered a rousing speech about Christodora impact on her childhood, adulthood, and chosen career path.

    Read her full speech here or watch her video with this link.