Spring and Summer 2020 Updates for Our Christodora Community During COVID-19:

Dear Friends– Students, Families, Educators, Program Partners and Supporters: Past, Present, and Future!

First, we hope that you’re safe and well. We are constantly thinking about those in our large “Christodora circle” during these uncertain times. Our hearts go out to all of the families who have suffered in so many ways.

We’ve been in touch with many of our students who have shared how they are bringing their experiences with Christodora and Manice into the challenges of life today. For instance: believing in our responsibility to help others and knowing that also means being sure to care for yourself. Learning to be patient in a challenging situation, and able to tell yourself “you can do it, you got this…” Appreciating our friends and family. Appreciating the power of science.

  • It all comes down to our community— we care about each other and we care about the Earth. So we want you to know that we are still here and want to keep our “virtual raccoon circle” going! Please check back on this page to stay up to date on activities that can help keep us in touch. 

With that said, we are very sad to share the news that we will not be able to offer our summer sessions at the Manice Education Center and our Summer Ecology Program at the Great Mountain Forest.  This has been a long and difficult decision for us: our staff and board have followed every new bit of news, hoping for a positive turn of events. It goes without saying that the most important thing is to protect the health and safety of our students, families, and greater community. It is now clear that there would be no way to assure each student’s health and safety given the current pandemic conditions.

While we are heartbroken at the loss of a usual summer immersed in nature, we will be in touch soon with some exciting ways we will bring the “Magic of Manice” camp to a computer screen near you. “Virtual camp” just doesn’t sound right BUT we will make it fun! Emails are going out to camp families and you can email us at admissions@christodora.org to add your name to the list or ask any questions.

We also continue to create virtual content for our students, families, and school partners. 

  • Join our “nature from my window” initiative. What nature can you see from your window- or fire escape? Or even in your home? Post on Instagram or Facebook with #naturefrommywindow and #christodora and we will highlight some of the best! 
  • Our New Youth Conservationists (Project LIT and GO GREEN) are holding bi-weekly Saturday Zoom meetups, with lots of fun activities. Reach out to Alejandro@christodora.org for info.!
  • Every week we are posting different videos or activities– stay tuned!
    • Motivation Mondays get us off to a fresh start… 🙂
    • Trails Tuesdays help us keep that “in the woods” feeling… 
    • “Winging it With Alejandro” Wednesdays will show you how easy it can be to identify New York City birds by sight and sound with Alejandro (Click here to watch Episode #1, guaranteed to make you smile.)
    • On Throwback Thursdays you may notice some photos of yourselves from years past…
    • Outdoor Exploration Fridays- fun environmental adventures with Jake, Brett and more in our “Getting Outdoors With Christodora”” youtube series. 

This may look, sound, and feel different than before, but we want you to know that we intend to go on connecting our learners to nature – in whatever form that may be. 

Please keep in touch.  We are here for you, and wish you strength and hope as we “focus forward.” Although we are practicing social distancing it is important that we remain close as a community, remain positive, and get through this together. 

We look forward to the day when we can circle up again. 

Stay safe and be well,

From All of Us at Christodora