Gala 2017: Matt Koven and Nick Manice Speech

Gala 2017: Tania Pouschine & Lizzy Kuhlenkamp Speech

Gala 2017: Brian Matthews & Bus

Gala 2017: Dan Chung & Canoe

Gala 2017: Anny Sainvil and Judith Rivkin

Gala 2017: Star Childs and Tavion Williams

Gala 2017: NYC Students Presenting

2017 Gala — University Club

Stewardship at Bronx River Forest Video

See our Christodora students in action! A day with Christodora's "New Youth Conservationists", our weekend urban ecology group

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Summer Ecology Program Featured in Local News

Our Summer Ecology Program was a great success as always and gained recognition in a local newspaper for its unique characteristics. Filled with energy, curiosity, and drive, 14 of our students ventured deep into the woods, ready to learn and participate in original field research. After arriving at the Yale Camp in the Great Mountain Forest, our students connected to the surrounding environment, immersed themselves in their research and built strong ties of friendship. Each student had been recommended by a science teacher, guidance counselor, or principal for ...

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