New Youth Conservationists

Governors Island

Christodora students, alumni, and families are all welcome to join us for great nature, teambuilding, and outdoor activities. At Governors Island, Christodora looks forward to continuing its stewardship work with the Governors Island horticulture staff in invasive species removal and citizen science. In addition, we have new opportunities to participate in public facing activities and give students and alumni the chance to share their environmental science knowledge and enthusiasm with the public! Christodora welcomes student and alumni volunteers for our events at ...

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Stewardship at Bronx River Forest Video

See our Christodora students in action! A day with Christodora's "New Youth Conservationists", our weekend urban ecology group

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Join New Youth Conservationists at the Bronx River Flotilla Sat, May 21st!

Join Christodora's New Youth Conservationists in volunteering for the canoe portage at the 2016 Amazing Bronx River Flotilla.  This special day celebrates the progress that the Bronx River Alliance has made in reclaiming the river as a place that children can explore and play! Christodora volunteers will be working to help Bronx River Flotilla participants with a portage within the New York Botanical Garden, wheeling their canoes down a path from the takeout point to put-in on the other side of a waterfall. This is a duty that we as a team proudly take care of every ...

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